Unlearning – Jesus of Nazareth

by Kev

Are you familiar with the picture below?

To we African Christians that never question any doctrine thrown upon us, that picture above is Jesus of Nazareth…. the true son of God. But in reality, that is the picture of a man named Robert Powell, from the 1977 movie “Jesus of Nazareth”. How we came to believe that a Jewish man can look like this and even hung the pictures in our houses still surprises me till date.

Yes! I grew up believing it all. Currently, I am a Catholic but I have of late started questioning within my mind, most of the Catholic teachings. One of such is the Image of Jesus of Nazareth as depicted on pictures.

Jesus of Nazareth can never be blonde. Is like saying that the Igbo race are blondes. It is impossible. However, we believed that Jesus of Nazareth, a Jew is white with Blonde hairs.

If today, I enter any church in Igbo land, and try to make them unlearn this particular belief, I will be excommunicated and labeled the devil or possessed. But the absolute truth is that, the pictures of Jesus of Nazareth in all churches in Africa and beyond is never the real Jesus; he was never photographed and can never be a white man with blonde hairs. It is far more likely, both geographically and genetically, that he was black rather than white. That is the blunt truth.

A careful study of the race Jesus was born into will provide enough evidence to the fact that the white missionaries always attribute goodness to their race and evil to black Africans. If Jesus of Nazareth is the son of God, and we don’t have the picture of God that is accepted in Christianity, why then do we accept the pictures of Actors as Jesus of Nazareth?

When will Black Africans most especially; start to unlearn loads of craps dumped on us by the Missionaries? How our forefathers were even convinced to accept anything from the White man as superior still baffles me.

Till now, people are yet to open their eyes and see between the truth and lies in the Church. We learn a lot of rubbish growing up as black kids in Africa. The sooner we start to unlearn every single thing the White missionaries taught us, the better for us. The religion brought to Africa was designed for control and not redemption.

Take a look at the picture below. That is the picture of the Altar at Basilica of the Most Holy Trinity, Onitsha, Anambra State (Igbo land), the giant cross on the altar wall is that of a White Jesus.

Tell me how will a Black African Kid who grew up believing that God, Jesus and Angels with other holy beings are Whites will not feel inferior as black?

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